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Hedge Fund

  • Intend to create long term wealth for investors, and to protect the investments by deploying fundamental as well as timely tactical shorts during down markets.
  • Focus on technology related sectors because of our high level of expertise, investment experience and proven track record. The growth rate of tech companies usually exceeds that of the market.
  • Run a concentrated portfolio of 15-20 quality stocks for the long term. Through our proprietary fundamental research, we identify and invest in leading and also emerging secular growth companies with the high long term growth potential in the tech related sectors.
  • Aggressively manage a short portfolio to protect the long investments during market downturns. The fundamental shorts involve the shorting of fundamentally flawed companies. During early part of market downturns, we also initiate tactical short positions to further hedge the long portfolio. It involves shorting of stocks with similar volatility characteristics as those for the longs.
  • Perform highly detailed and focused fundamental research on technology related companies and sectors, which is the foundation of our investment process, stock picking and thus performance.
  • No limitation on market cap.
  • Benchmark: Nasdaq and MS High Tech Index.

Contact Information

Please contact Sam Kim or Johnny Svoren.

Main Line: 415-805-7885
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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